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Leadometrics – Social Media Services would help your business with social media marketing and optimization. We make use of the available vast variety of opportunities in Social Networking Platforms for your business. We know that Social is very important for your business to be it offline or online.

We focus on delivering the services for small/medium businesses that would like to enhance their social media presence. If you don’t have enough time to manage your social media pages, we are there to help you out with that. If you trying social media advertising and have no luck. Don’t worry! We are there to help you with that too! We focus on reputation management for your business so that you can take care of the same time to grow your business.

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What does our Social Media Management Package include?


If you have no idea about social networking platforms, we create one for your business on all the necessary social networking websites. You can save your valuable time in creating social media pages and social media profiles on different platforms.

We do provide the following services on a monthly basis:

High-Quality Social Media Posts – We make use of your website content and also from industry relevant websites to develop the social media posts and with the intention to drive more social media engagements. It may be likes, shares, tweets, video views.

New Relevant Followers – Post our first meeting, we will create goal specific social media campaigns. We not only try to increase your page followers but also try to fetch new followers which would impact your online reputation in a positive way.

Fan Page and Business Page Optimization – Before starting our campaigns we will optimize your social media pages for maximum exposure and visibility. If you are already having a social media presence and not having any luck to drive engagement. Based on customized social media strategies we will optimize your Fan page on Facebook and Business page in LinkedIn.

Social Media SPAM (IMPORTANT) – When it comes to Social Media Marketing, this is the biggest challenge any new business would face. We will constantly monitor for spammers in different social media platforms and will make sure that they stay away from your pages. You can find some of the interesting articles here on Junk emails and spam-relaying countries list.

Social Media Reputation Management (IMPORTANT) – We constantly keep an eye on any social media posts that do mention your business name or brand term. This would help you in Reputation Management.

Social Media Competitor Analysis (IMPORTANT) – We will thoroughly analyze your competitors on how well they are making use of social media channels for their business promotion and what can we do so that we could break the competition and help your business standup.

Monthly Performance Report – Every month you will be receiving a performance report about the current status, actions steps for the next month and the progress so far.





Want Some Quick Results with Social Media Marketing?


Below is a Social Media Advertising Package which would include:


We would check your business page and/or fan page is following the platform-specific rules and guidelines. We do follow the industry best practices to optimize your social media pages.

We would help you implement the platform-specific tracking codes to ensure that we are tracking the business leads properly. It is the most important aspect of any paid advertising campaigns and we will first implement this to evaluate the campaign success. You can watch a one of the videos from Facebook on “Why conversion tracking is very helpful for any business”, here.

Any campaigns should undergo the different set of tests before reaching the success point. This is the mantra for any profitable social media campaigns. As there is no shortcut for success to increase the ROI, we will implement different strategies throughout the month to reach your business goal at the earliest possible.


 What can you expect from our Social Media Services?

  • We help you find new customers for your business.
  • Brand Awareness and Reputation Management.
  • Building the Trust with Existing Customers and New Customers.
  • Social Media Advertising for your Product/Services.
  • Creating genuine followers for your Business page and/or Fan page.
  • It would really help you with Search Engine Optimization for your website.

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