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 Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What is it?

SEO is used to improve the position of a website in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The visitors we get through this approach is called Organic or Free traffic. You no need to pay to any Search Engines to drive the traffic to your website. Search Engine will scan your website by advanced algorithms called Crawlers then it will index your site. It then try to deliver the best possible result that matches the user search query by considering the multitude of ranking factors.


How does it help in your Business growth?

SEO enables the companies to reach their target audience by focusing on product or service specific keywords. It helps the business to reach the audience locally through Local SEO or globally through International SEO. Implementing SEO would help the website in driving more targeted visitors and then convert them into valuable customers. SEO would help the business in incresing the brand awareness to converting a visitor into payable customers.

Here at Leadometrics, we will help you to create a purpose-driven SEO strategy. Read more about what is purpose-drive SEO strategy and it’s advantages here.


Why should you opt-in to our SEO Services?

Return on Investment: 
As we had mentioned earlier, we create an SEO plan to increase the ROI for your business. We can track each and every action to better optimize for better results through SEO. It’s highly measurable.

Cost Effectiveness:
We charge transparently without any hidden fees. Inbound nature of SEO will help the businesses in cost-cutting as compared to cold-calling approach in offline marketing strategies.

Increased site usability:
We use industry best practices for SEO to increase the usability of your website. As we build user-focused strategy rather than search engine focused, it helps to increase user engagement on the website.

Increased Traffic:
Better the search position, better will be the traffic to your website. As we follow best practices and we strive hard to ensure your website reach better positions in search engine results page.

Brand Awareness:
We focus more on getting brand awareness if you are very new to the online industry. As this is the crucial and foundation part of building a solid online business. We make it a point to accomplish it.

Full range of Digital Marketing Services:
Along with the Search Engine Optimization services, we do provide end to end Digital Marketing services and Website Design and Development services in Bengaluru. Know More!


How to take our SEO Service?

Kindly do follow the below 4 step process to opt-in to our SEO service:

  1. Fill up the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Please do mention your Name, Email ID, Website Address and your SEO Budget properly.
  3. One of our team members will get in touch with you within 48 hours of submission of your request to know your requirements. We will then come up with a customized SEO plan for you.
  4. We will then start working on the same. You will be receiving an SEO month on month performance report by end of the month.


How Does Search Engine work?

Visit the below link to know how search works:


What’s Our Approach In building a solid SEO plan for you?

SEO Plan:
Our very first step before getting into the business is to get to know in detail about your requirements. Based on the requirements and your business objective we will design and develop an SEO strategy and set short term and long term milestones.

Technical SEO: 
We will take up the complete responsibility to ensure that all the technical stuff related to SEO is been taken care. From sitemap, XML submission to increase the page speed.

On-Site Optimization:
Keyword research is been done perfectly so as to include them in the Title, Description, URL structure and Content of the website. Along with Anchor Text, Image Optimization and Navigation restructure if required.

Link Building Strategy:
SEO success depends majorly on building a proper off page SEO strategy. We will help you with that. To mention a few we will take care of Link Building, Directory Submission, Article Submission etc.

Local Traffic:
If you want to get visibility to your business locally, we will follow the necessary ranking factors for Local SEO to get optimum results for your website. Please read more about ranking factors here.

Google Search Engine Optimization:
As per Statcounter research was done on Search Engine Market Share Worldwide, Google shares 91.79% globally. We will focus on Google search engine to establish a strong SEO for your website.

Killer Keyword Research:
This is the most fundamental step in any of the Online Marketing platforms, our expert team will come up with Winning Keywords to help cope-up with search engine optimization.

Competitor Website Analysis:
Any business without a competitor analysis is like blind leading a blind. Our team will analyze the competitors in the industry and help your business to build a strong Unique Selling Propositions.

Conversion Rate Optimization:
Based on the business objective we will try to increase the traffic at an initial stage and then focus on working getting more leads or conversions. A/B testing will be part of the process of optimization.

Monthly SEO Reports:
We will send you monthly ranking reports on SEO. That does include month on month comparison, keywords ranking, page traffic numbers.

Action Step Reports:
We not only send you the monthly performance report but also send you the status of the actions we had taken the previous month and the future steps to accomplish the business objectives.


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