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Leadometrics – Professional Web Design Services in Bangalore, would help you in setting up a new website for your business. As the website is considered as the most fundamental and crucial aspect of online space. We also help you a search engine friendly websites through our Website Development Services.

leadometrics - website design services in bangalore

Web Design and Web Development Process

Strategic Planning

After a thorough understanding of Client’s requirements, we will first come up with a proper website blueprint that gives a complete picture of your product/services. Then our teams – Website Strategists, Web Designers, Web Developers, and Back-end Technical team will start working on building the website from scratch.

User Experience Planning

Once we have a blueprint ready, we will work on the target audience, unique selling propositions, and strategic business analysis to help the user have a better understanding of the website and its core deliverables. We will work on website layout, functionalities, features, documentation and user path flows.


Creative Design Planning

This is when we color-up websites to make it much more vibrant and eye-catching. The team will show you the way we have structured the site, the font usage, adding images wherever necessary, the logic behind building the layouts for a better user experience.

Backend Web Development

We use trending best practices in website development and front-end coding will be done in HTML 5. All websites are made to be responsive to make it work on all kind of devices: Personal Computer, Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile Phones. If you have already existing website in any of the CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Drupal etc. We will help you optimize it for better performance.

Website Optimization

After we launch the website after an end to end analysis has been made, we take up one more final test to make sure that it is performing as designed. We will then analyze the user behavior to increase the Time spent on the site, Boost up the conversion rate, reducing bounce rate, and repeat visits. Having a responsive website for any business can help them achieve their goals easily.

Website Testing

Once the website has been built, we do multiple ways of testing the website to ensure the performance is optimum across Smart Phones, Tablets, Desktops, and Laptops. We do Quality Check to ensure to make the website Search Engine Friendly.

Why Professional Web Design Services in Bangalore ?

Increased Mobile Users

Mobile users are increasing rapidly!

Indian mobile users are expected to reach 813.2 Million by 2019 according to Statista research. This would bring a lot of opportunities to any industry. Focusing on making the website responsive helps us in tapping the doors of opportunity. This could help us in not missing out potential customers. Our expert design and development team deliver heart-throbbing results for Desktop, Tablet, Laptop, and Mobile users. This would enrich user experience. Having a website for your Small Business leads to greater success. We would help you reach out to your valuable customers (Mobile Users) with our potential Web Design Services in Bangalore by making your website responsive.

Time and Money Saver

Saves a lot of your time and money!

We can avoid unnecessarily building up of multiple websites across different devices like Smart Phones, Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets by making use of this single feature of responsive design to the new/existing website. With a single responsive design, developed with time-tested best practices would help to optimize fo your internet business. As developing a new website pertaining to the new platform are a time consuming and tedious task. This would help us in saving valuable time, money and resources too! We help you on the same with our Professional web design services in Bangalore by creating a single responsive website for your business.

Search Engine Friendly

We focus on users & Search Engines!

While we design a website responsive one, we make it a search engine friendly too. As the mobile users are growing rapidly across the globe, Google is also tweaking their Search Engine Algorithms by prioritizing mobile users. Responsive design would help you to be in align with the technical aspects of different Search Engines. SEO helps the Search Engines to find your site and rank it so as to reach the right audience for your business when they search online. We help you on the same with our Professional Web Design Services in Bangalore by creating search engine friendly and user-focused websites.

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