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~ Online Marketing is to promote your product or services online ~ 

Internet Marketing opens up a plenty of opportunities for the businesses, it may B2B or B2C. You need to know which channel would be the best suitable to promote your business online. If you have an offline business who would like to get into online space to expand your market, we are here to help you up. If you are just starting up a business online this is the right place for you to opt-in to our online marketing services.

Leadometrics is an Internet Marketing startup, which would help the business to grow online. We will help you to generate leads through Search Engine Marketing, driving high-quality traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization and engaging the customers through Social Media Marketing. If you don’t have a Website of your own, we will help you build one.

How can you benefit from Leadometrics Digital Marketing Services?


Tap into the world of opportunities available online through our Search Engine Optimization Services to drive more Website visitors. We will deliver what you are desiring to achieve, through our customized SEO strategies.



Are you struggling to get leads for your business? We will help you create profitable campaigns to generate high quality leads with a high percentage of sales. If you are already running the campaigns with no success! We will help you to optimize the same through our Paid Advertising Services.



If you are new to the online space and are worried to get noticed? We are here to help you out with that. We will promote your business through our Social Media Optimization Services. You can choose to promote organic or paid method to increase your brand presence.



Out of 200 Million active websites in the world, we will help you in creating a unique one for your business. We will design and develop your website through our Website Services. If you already have one and want to customize it, we will help you with that too.


How does our Internet Marketing Services in Bangalore work?

  • As soon as you get our Digital Marketing Services, we will create a goal-oriented customized strategy for your business. We will ensure that we will be making use of all the available channels to better utilize the opportunities for your business. We will deliver what we have committed to, with a clear measurable target.
  • Customer Care and Customer support with efficient results is our main concern, at least this is what our customers say. We would like to keep things simple, so all you have to do is to send us your request by filling up the form below the page. One of our team members will contact you and get to know more about your business requirements.
  • Post our first meeting, we will let you know the current status of your online presence and ways to improve it and how are we going to implement the same with monthly action plans for your business. Also, we thoroughly analyze the industry trend and competitor’s status to help you come up with attractive USPs.
  • Once everything is set, we will start working on your project to deliver the results we have committed to. Patience is the key here, the more you have patience in online space, smoother will be the process to achieve your long-term goals.

Why should you not miss our Internet Marketing Services in Bangalore?


Comped to traditional marketing cost, online marketing is much cheaper. As the platform is highly measurable you can reduce the investment you are making based on the platform which is not working for you. Where in case of paper marketing, direct mail pieces you cannot measure the impressions as accurate as we analyze it here in e-mail and display ads. Data can be recorded easily here with accurate numbers and you know number don’t lie! Know how integrating online and offline marketing could enhance your business growth.


There are 4156 million internet users across the world and India is considered as the top 2nd country in the world to have the highest internet users. That’s what Internetworldstats says as per their recent research. As per Statista, Indian internet users are increased from 278 million (as on Oct 2014) out of which 177 million from Urban and 101 million from Rural to 432 million (as on Dec 2017) out of which 269 million from Urban and 163 million from Rural. This data is enough to know the potential of Web Marketing in India.


Online Advertising provides the business to target a broader market. Local marketing can be done by laser targeting that platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook provide. You can target the specific audience with radius targeting. It also ensures that business is targeting relevant demographics. You can literally specify age, gender and interest of your audience to reach the right customer for your business. We will help you with the proper Digital Marketing Strategy for your business. You can read more about how a proper strategy would fetch you more returns here.

Internet Marketing Services in Bangalore | Fees & Prices

Once after we get to know your business requirements and understand your goals. We will then analyze your website or any other online marketing channels you might be using currently. Post which we will create a business proposal which is customized to achieve your business objectives. The proposal will include the action plans with cost breakdown and time frame to achieve the desired project goals.

Usually, we charge any projects in two parts. The first part includes a one-time payment, for example, it may be website restructuring or on-page SEO. The second part of the payment would be monthly fees for on-going SEO process, Paid Advertising Campaign Management, Social Media Management.

We can guarantee that our prices are competitive and unlike other digital marketing agencies, you only pay for results. Every month you will get a detailed progress report explaining the work performed and the associated costs.

We ensure that our pricing is competitive and unlike other online marketing agencies in Bengaluru, you only pay for the results. Month on Month, we will be sending you the detailed progress report with action plans for the next month. Any actions that need to be brought in to your notice will be first taken permission from your end.

We will first bring it to your notice for the things that are important and which requires your permission. Then we will implement the necessary actions. This is to smoothen the process. We don’t commit to long-term contracts as we are confident in our work that you will be in touch with us for a long term. We get paid AFTER we complete the work. You can cancel our service at any time. There are NO hidden fees.



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