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Why do you need an Inbound Marketing Agency for your Small Businesses?

Inbound Marketing is a systematic and scientific approach in online marketing for small businesses from getting the visitors to making them a long term customers.

If you want to tap into the enormous amount of opportunities that internet provide due to rapid increase in number of users every day, then you should take advantages of inbound marketing for small businesses.

Let’s dive deep into the topic, let me give you a some of the benefits that Inbound Marketing provides for the businesses.

What makes inbound marketing so special?


  1. Responsible for 90%+ of the clicks on the web.
  2. Lower average cost to acquire a new customer.
  3. Earning attention organically, without interrupting anyone’s path.
  4. Powered by creativity, talent, and effort.


How could Inbound Marketing Agency help you with a leap for success for your small businesses?


#1: Inbound Marketing is Cost Effective


Any business think about the cost or the investment before spending in any of the platforms for their business promotion. Inbound Marketing would help you in generating a much cheaper leads irrespective of the market category compared to traditional marketing or offline marketing.


You can almost get a lead which costs around 1/3 of the cost you spend in traditional marketing due to its effective reach, measurability and granular targeting.

This is the most important aspect for any small businesses, as inbound marketing agency would help you to fetch the profit out of every penny you spend online.


#2: Inbound Marketing works for Long Term Business Goals


Most of the small businesses seek for the opportunities which would help them to acquire customers, retain them and nurture them on a long term. Inbound Marketing Agency would help you with the same through Search Engine Optimization.

When any business that is not aware of inbound methodologies starts a new Website, they would focus only on getting higher ranking on Search Engines. That’s where most of the website gets penalized!

Well, getting higher ranking is one aspect but the most important thing we need to concentrate here is that we build websites for the users. Now! Search engines have become super smart with their latest algorithms that they could show up better results for the users. This sumps up Inbound Methodology!

Through SEO, you could help the search engines to find your website to rank for the right search queries from the users who are literally searching for your product/services. This would help you drive more traffic to your website on a long term and help you acquire new customers.

With the Paid Advertising approach you could bring the laser targeted users to your Landing Page which are basically built with single goal.

Imagine if you have Social Media Presence with hundreds and thousands of fans and followers you could build a long term relationship with them and help them with your right product/services.


#3: Inbound Marketing help you reach new markets and acquire new customers


As I had mentioned earlier, this is a scientific and systematic approach. You can track almost everything due to the option it allows us to measure each and every action users take on your website.

For example, let’s say you are having a business offline (PC, UPS Backup and Laptop Dealers) and you would like to promote your business online.

Because of the demand the product has, and the amount you spend in promoting your product offline is bit more costlier than online. In this case, I would suggest you to setup an e-commerce website and start with search engine optimization to drive organic traffic to the website.

In traditional marketing, you never know who saw your promotion pamphlet, listened to your Radio Ads, saw your Banner Ads, and TV Ads and how many of them would literally bought the product you sell. This is the major drawback when it comes to traditional marketing methodologies. Where in case of Online Marketing, you could track every possible metrics once after setting up a paid advertising campaign be it Impressions (People who saw your Ad), Clicks (People who clicked on your Ad), Sales (People who bought from your website). Not only that, you could tweak and optimize the paid advertising campaigns through different optimization strategies available.

This is just an example, with the measureability inbound marketing would allow and the targeting options available online. You could make use of every option in a way to achieve a better ROI. At the end of the day, this is what it does matter for any small businesses. Return On Investment (ROI)!


#4: Inbound Marketing is almost immediate I would say


Especially when it comes to Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), you can instantly launch the paid advertising campaigns and take them live with just a click. Your Ads will start show-up online in less than 30 Minutes in platforms like Google AdWords.

This is how quick you could expect the results from Inbound Marketing, this might not be the case in your business but it is possible.

Where in case of Outbound Marketing, this is never be the case. There are lot of steps and procedures to take your Ads live be it on Television or Radio Channels. Moreover, its cost is too HIGH!


#5: Inbound Marketing help you build authority and brand awareness


Most of advantages pointed out before are largely concerned with sales and marketing. But, you can’t always think about selling your product or services online all the time.

In certain cases you should be building a brand name and increase the awareness. You should always think from an user perspective and try to help them perceive you better to beat the competition out.

For doing that, you could make well utilize the different kind of contents like Videos, Infographics, Slideshows, and Downloadable PDFs across different digital marketing channels like PPC, SEO, SMO and Email Marketing to get your brand in front of thousands of prospects. Before all that, you should be having a well-structured Websites that help the users to navigate better and with better conversion rate.

Being an Authoritative website in your niche market makes you stand out in the crowd. Not only that, you could always help people by educating on the stuff you sell online with time tested inbound marketing methodologies. This would have a high positive impact on the sales of your marketing goals.

If you are ready to take up inbound marketing agency services, Leadometrics is there to help you on the same. You can learn more about this topic here.


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