Google My Business Page for Startups and Small Business owners

This comprehensive guide to Google My Business page covers each and every topic like Step by Step procedure to set up, Maintaining, and optimization techniques to get started.

What is Google My Business Page?


Google My Business Page would help the business to show up their business information in Google Search Results and on Google Map. Business can easily manage their listing when they set up a business page in Google. They can even respond to the customer reviews or they can make use these reviews to better optimize their Paid Ads.

Google My Business for Startups and SMBs

How can customers engage with your Business?

  • Customer Reviews – You will be able to get the reviews from the customers for your Business that help the new customers to decide on whether to take your service or not.
  • Website – Customers can find your business website if there is any and they will be able to get the required information before deciding on buying your product or taking up your services.
  • Calls and Locations – If your business has a physical address and would like your customers to land up, you will help them through Google My Business Page. Even you can get the calls from the customers if they find you the right choice for the services.


How to set up Google My Business Page?

  1. Sign Up
    Visit the official Google My Business Page Website and sign in using your detail and create an account first.
  2. Business Information
    Fill up all the details of your business like contact email address, phone number, and website address.
  3. Verification
    Once you have entered all the details mark your office physical location and claim it.


6 Benefits of Google My Business Listing

  • You can claim an existing business if you might not have listed before.
  • Request for ownership if someone else might have already claimed your business listing.
  • You can edit the information at any point of time and update.
  • If you have less than 10 locations you can type in manually and if it is more than 10 you can manage them in bulk.
  • Verification can be done by phone, email or postcard.
  • Add multiple authorized users to your business.

Reach more audience through AdWords Express


You can make use of the paid advertising platform that Google provides to reach the more audiences through Paid Ads. You will have to link AdWords Express and Google My Business page to reach the more targeted audience online.

How to get your listing verified on Google My Business?


There are 3 ways in which you can verify your business. If you have multiple locations to get them verified, you can do it by bulk.

  • Mail – You are going to receive a mail post to your physical address that includes the verification code that helps you to verify your business listing.
  • Phone or Email – You can even verify instantly through email or phone call by selecting this option.
  • Bulk – If you have multiple locations say if you have more than 10 locations, you can choose an option to verify in bulk. Updating the excel sheet with multiple locations specified and upload it to get them verified at once.

3 Advantages of Verifying your Business Listing.

  • More Views: You can manage and edit the multiple locations at one place with the information which would help the customers to stay up-to-date. In fact, the well maintained google my business page would have 5x more views.
  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: Business can keep customers interactive with latest offers that customers could avail. It allows the business to add up the photos and helpful responses to customer reviews. He can even choose the website builder to post the latest offers, extended hours, holiday offers etc.
  • Business Performance Analysis: The Insight option allows the business to track the performance with the metrics like number of people who saw the business, call requests and direction requests.

Tip: During the process, verification don’t make any changes to the information as it would prolong the process of verification and you might have to send the request for the code again.


How can we perform Google My Business Page Listing Optimization?


There are 4 ways which will show you how to optimize google my business page that would help you to get more views.

  1. Updating the Listing

    The information in the business listing page should be accurate and no fields should be empty. Update the business hours, website address, services, and category.
  2. Photos

    Adding Photos as often as possible to enhance the listing. This is the first impression for any customers on your business. If you have any best-selling products ensure you add those photos to your listing. You can even add a logo if are new to the business. Change the cover photo with the business building and stuff which seems to be more attractive to the users. The more photos you add, the better will be the visibility in Google Search Engine.
  3. Customer Engagement

    You can send a responsible response to the customer reviews which would impact the business in a positive way. Customer reviews are a great way to get the feedback using which we could improve our business. Ensure you reply to all the customer reviews.
  4. InsightsInsight option is a great way to get to know how customers are interacting with your business, reviews you are getting, number of calls, and direction requests you are getting. You can tweak and optimize it to get more views. If your business is having multiple locations then you can get to know which is doing better and using this data you can tweak and optimize the location which is not doing so well.



Google My Business Page Website Builder to help you get more customers [IMPORTANT]


Follow the below steps to build your own website on Google My Business Page listing which would help you get more visitors and customers.

  1. Go to Google My Business Page Login and go to Google My Business Profile Page and then select Website option from the Menu.
  2. Check the information such as telephone number, business hours, and address is updated.
  3. Add the images of your product/service. If your business has a visual tour try adding that. If you have videos to show it to the customers embed them on to the page. Personalize the website the way you want it using different templates available.
  4. Choose the domain name and points it to the website.

In few minutes your website will be up and ready and people could see it when they search your business online!
Google my business would also help in local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO).


How to use Website Posts and Google Messaging to connect with Customers?

As we know customers choose different option to take up the business services. Google Messaging would help the customers to interact with you through text messaging.

Website Posts:

  1. Login to my business page and select website from the menu.
  2. Create a post by uploading a photo and with the brief summary on your new product/service, or event or offer and with the buy button option that would allow users to purchase directly from your website.
  3. Posts would last for 7 days.
  4. You can update the posts regularly to engage the customers and offer them your product/service on a regular basis.

Text Messaging:

  1. You can set up Google Business Messaging by selecting the messaging option from the menu and type your phone number.
  2. Customers can select the message option from the listing page to interact with your business.

NOTE: Messaging option is available only in selected countries.




How to do Bulk Google Business Listing in Google My Business Page


If your business is having a multiple locations say more than 10, then you would have to automate the process with the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. You have to prepare an excel sheet upload it online. Below are the fields required to submit online.
    • Store Code – It should be unique, as each location is different.
    • Business Name – Mention the business name which should match with the offline world.
    • Business Location – Ensure each location you mention is different and double check it.
    • Phone and Website – Use a local phone number and call center number to avoid redirects.
    • Categories – Choose the best suitable category.
  2. To avoid the upload issues, ensure you have mentioned all the required fields in the spreadsheet and mark each location properly to get them approved at once.
  3. If you have locations which are difficult to manage even with spreadsheets then you could avail an option of Google My Business API.
Linking Google AdWords and Google My Business Page

If you want to reach more audiences, you will have to create Ads. Integrating Google My Business page with Google AdWords would help you get more customers for your business. To link both the platforms, go to google my business dashboard and select the option to advertise and then log in through AdWords.

There are few Google AdWords Expert who could help you run the ads by creating profitable campaigns. You can take their help if needed.

Please follow the below steps to implement this.

  1. Login to Google AdWords page.
  2. Create a campaign with compelling ads and targeted keywords.
  3. Select Location Extension for the campaign. Location extension would help users to find your locations through Ads.
  4. If you have multiple locations, you can choose by selecting whichever you want to show them on your Ad.



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