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Pay Per Click Advertising. What does it mean?


PPC as the name itself suggests that you pay only when someone clicks on your Ad. Pay Per Click is one of the paid advertising module, in which it allows you to show your Ads in search engines. Some of the most famous search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Search engines would usually be having their own advertising platform to allow the advertisers to show their Adverts.

Below picture shows you how does it exactly an Advert look like.

What makes Paid Advertising special among other online marketing channels?

Paid Advertising would help the companies to laser target the users based on their Interest, Time, Language, and Location. This platform would provide variety of targeting options that would help your business in reaching the customers who are likely to buy your product or service. You can choose from a range of advertising options like Search, Display, Video, Mobile, Social and Re-marketing.

Here at Leadometrics, we will help you to create solid campaigns by following industry best practices, which could help your business reach the next level. Your goal may be bringing relevant traffic to your website or to generate leads that convert well. We will help you reach your goals. If you are a B2B business and planning to adopt PPC into your marketing strategy, I have an interesting article for you here. If you want to know how Search Marketing affects your business positively, here you go.


Why is Search Engine Marketing considered as one of the most effective paid advertising modules?

Quick Results

Youth no need to wait for too long to get to know your effort has paid or not. It just hardly take 30 minutes to show up your Ads online once after you create a campaign.

Show your Ads for FREE

You pay nothing if you want to show your Ads in Search Engine. Yes! You heard it right. Because you pay only when someone clicks on your Ad. Impressions are FREE here. Impressions would help you get more brand awareness.

Conversion Rate Booster

You just have to tweak your Online Advertising Campaigns to boost your website conversions. With the right strategy, you could expect a positive ROI with a successful campaign. We will help you to create a profitable campaign for your business.

Full range of Digital Marketing Services

Along with the Search Engine Marketing service, we do provide end to end Online Marketing services and Website Design and Development services in Bengaluru. Know More!

Easy Launch


Create a campaign, write Ads, Select targeting and launch. Tweak and optimize the campaigns for profit.

Positive Returns


You could always expect a positive ROI with the PPC platform. Return on Investment is what every business seek for at the end.

Result Driven

Set your goals right and check your campaigns for its performance. Test, Tweak, Optimize and Drive more Leads.

PPC Management Pricing

We charge a reasonable amount for your Pay Per Click Campaigns. Once after you submit your request, we will first get to know more about your business and your business goals. We will work out a PPC plan for your business that could help you achieve your desired goals.

Once we have enough data, we would suggest you the best platforms available online using which you could reach your expectations. After that, we launch your campaigns online to drive traffic or leads.

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